San Diego MLS Fantastic Home Staging Tips

Utilize San Diego MLS home staging tips if you want your home to sell quickly regardless of whether the San Diego housing market is good or not so good. You should make it more visually appealing, since buyers are emotionally drawn to homes that are well-maintained, well-decorated and fresh. Below are some sensational tips and ideas that can make San Diego CA homes for sale attractive to buyers.

Home Staging Tips especially for San Diego MLS homes

1. Clean every part of the house. A clean house is likely to raise the amount that a buyer will be willing to offer.

2. Give the interior a fresh coat of crisp white paint.

3. Make sure the exterior siding, walkways and patios are clean.

4. Repair the front door, shutters and exterior trim to make them more appealing.

5. Clean the windows and doors and replace those that are broken.

6. Check that the faucets are working and replace those that are leaking or rusted.

7. Vacuum clean or wash the carpet. Remove any stains, align it to the wall and stretch it to fit well on the floor.

8. Clean the garage and arrange the items stored. Repair the floor if necessary and repaint the walls to make them appealing.

9. Check that all bulbs are working. Replace burned bulbs and clean the lamp shades. Light up any dark areas of the house with halogen bulbs.

10. Reshape the landscape and prune dried flower leaves. Also, make sure the irrigation system is working properly.

11. If your home has a spa or pool, clean it and its surroundings. Replace any broken accessories and if necessary, repaint the pool to increase its appeal.

12. Let in more light in the house. Remove dark tints on the windows and replace dark shade curtains with light shade ones.

13. Store your personal collection in a box. You do not want a potential buyer to be distracted by the collection when viewing your home.

14. Clean and arrange your clothes well in the closet. Any clothes that you do not use regularly should be packed in a box. Arrange items in a way that will make the closet look bigger.

15. Replace oxidized dirty ivory electrical switches with contemporary Decorah fixtures.

16. Clean the furniture in the home and rearrange them where needed. You may also have to add some furniture to make the house more appealing.

17. Install a door bell and chime with a pleasing sound.

18. Clean the front part of the door. Mow the grass, cut the flowers on the front put of the house and place a clean welcome mat at the front.

19. Check the window frames for dust, dirt or rust. Replace any broken frames and align those that are bent. Repaint the frames if necessary.

You have to make your house presentable to attract buyers. An attractive house will not only sell faster, but will also fetch a good price. The above are some home staging tips that can increase the appeal of your house for sale in CA.

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